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At Guinness World Records we have a passion for fitness feats. 

We love a good challenge, and we like to see the enthusiasm and continuous effort that  athletes put into pushing boundaries and challenging themselves. 

That is why we have dedicated an entire spread to the most amazing fitness records in Guinness World Records 2024 – the ones that wowed us, inspired us, encouraged us to do our best.

Among the ranks of record-breaking fitness warriors, Tom Enoch - an incredible 18-year-old record holder - has collected an outstanding amount of Guinness World Records certificates in the last few years.

Tom is a star of Guinness World Records 2024 and lives in Leamington Spa, UK, with his mother and his sister Emily. He also has a dog named Cooper.

Among many other titles, Tom is the proud record holder for most squats in one minute (II), having achieved the fantastic result of 51 in 60 seconds.

Tom has also broken the record for most chest to ground push up burpees in one minute (II), achieving a total of 16 reps. 

“I’m chuffed, proud and happy,” Tom says about his many achievements. 

Tom training and smiling

Tom has Down syndrome and set himself an ambitious goal: to attempt and break a total of 21 Guinness World Records titles to celebrate people with Trisomy 21.

Patients that have been diagnosed with Trisomy 21 show three separate copies of Chromosome 21 in their cells, while most people have two copies.

Thanks to continuous training and with the support of his mum and his personal trainer Jack, Tom has widely surpassed that initial goal.

Today, the young athlete and fitness coach has achieved over 24 titles - and counting!

Tom Enoch with 2024 book

Tom's many records are part of the impairment classification record titles, which allow people to have a go at breaking records with reasonable adjustments.

Record-breaking must be open to everyone, and Guinness World Records aims to always ensure inclusiveness by offering at all times a level playing field when attempting a record.

In order to achieve that, a set of classifications have been created specifically for sport, strength and journey records. 

Such categories ensure reasonable adjustments that allow challengers with physical, visual and intellectual impairments to shine.

Tom Enoch with his certificate

When he’s not out breaking records, this young talent trains to become a fitness coach. He also teaches fitness classes online five times a week. 

Started as a remote class during lockdown, Tom’s very own fitness course TomFit has proved to be a resounding success: ever since he started, he has put social media personalities such as Joe Wicks through his paces. 

On top of all that, Tom is also taking part in his after-school club. 

He loves all kinds of sports, and is always ready to take on new challenges: he trains every day with his coach Jack, and he enjoys skiing once a week at his local slopes.

"When I’m older I want to get married, live in a flat with my wife, grow a beard and a man bun," he said.

Tom smiling

But the fun doesn't end here! Guinness World Records 2024 is full of amazing fitness records, and some of our record holders are regular guests of the popular TV show Ninja Warriors.

In 2023, on the set of the Italian TV show Lo Show dei Record, Australia’s pro-athlete, music producer and Ninja Warrior Ben Polson broke the record for most mega walls climbed in one minute, achieving an impressive seven.

On the same Italian stage, just a week after Ben’s record, powerhouse and former Olympic gymnast Olivia Vivian (Australia) broke another record. 

She achieved an outstanding 28 bar jumps, achieving the record for most consecutive flying bar jumps.

Olivia jumping and smiling

Olivia holds several records, such as:

  • Farthest distance travelled on monkey bars in three minutes - 127.25 m (417.48 ft)
  • Farthest distance travelled on monkey bars in one minute - 54.50 m (178.80 ft)

If you are hungry for more amazing fitness feats, from most chin-ups in 24 hours (the number will make your head spin!) to the amazing female title for the most warped wall climbs in one minute, what are you waiting for? 

Grab your copy of Guinness World Records 2024, head to page 98 and get ready to enter a world of incredible fitness warriors.

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