Video: Extreme pogo athlete defies gravity with highest jump ever

By Rachel Swatman
Backflips on a pogo stick

As part of their ongoing "Chronicles of a Record Breaker" series, US sports entertainment network Whistle Sports travelled to Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania to film Russian Xpogo athlete Dmitry Arsenyev attempting two Guinness World Records titles.

The first of Dmitry’s challenges is the Most consecutive no-handed back flips on a pogo stick – a stunt in which he has to release his hands from the handlebars when he is upside-down, without falling off or losing control.

He manages to complete eight flips, narrowly breaking the previous record by one, and his Xpogo exhibition teammates are thrilled.

Next up, Dmitry attempts what Nick Ryan, Xpogo’s co-founder, describes as "the mother of all pogo records" – the Highest jump on a pogo stick.

He needs to fly higher than 11 ft 1/2 in (3.36 m), which was the mark set by fellow Xpogo champ Biff Hutchison.

Highest jump on a pogo stick

Dmitry says confidence is key in these pogo stunt challenges: "When you know you’ll do it, you’ll do it."

And he does – setting an incredible new record of 3.378 m (11 ft 0.99 in).

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