Anitta on floor in black latex dress image by mark ovando

In just 10 years, Anitta has become one of Brazil’s biggest pop stars.

On 24 March 2022, the successful Brazilian artist made history by becoming the first solo Latin artist to reach No. 1 on Spotify.

Just four months after her hit "Envolver" was released, the song had racked up 6.39 million streams worldwide. 

Sung entirely in Spanish, the track first went viral on social media after a dance challenge was created with the song’s choreography.

Of the 6.3 million plays on the daily chart (25) published Friday, 15 July 2022, 4.1 million were from Brazil. 

Never before has a song on Spotify been played so many times in a single day in the South American country.

By comparison, the average streams for a number one song in Brazil alone is 1.5 million plays per day.

"It’s incredible to be an official title holder of Guinness World Records as the first solo Latin artist and Brazilian to be no. 1 on Spotify. I’m beyond excited and grateful to my fans!" - Anitta

Multiple Latin artists have previously scored chart-topping tracks on Spotify’s Global Top 200, but Anitta, the "Girl from Rio", is officially the first solo Latin artist – and the first Brazilian act – to hit No.1.

Since first breaking through in Brazil six years ago, Anitta has quickly risen to international stardom, becoming one of the leading artist of a new generation of Latin American music.


As the biggest ever global female popstar to come from Brazil, she has amassed over 60 million Instagram followers and almost 16 million YouTube subscribers, garnering more than 6 billion views. 

Anitta has also been named among the world’s 15th most influential musicians on social media by Billboard. 

Most recently, the Latin pop star announced her new album Versions of Me in April 2022. 

The 15-track album was released in Spanish, English, and Portuguese and has been streamed over 39 million times.

Anitta has also earned herself a place in the new Guinness World Records 2023 edition, out later this fall! 

In a video posted to Twitter, Anitta reacted to the exciting news. 

She mentioned that she has been so busy, she didn't have time to fully process what was happening. 

"Today I had time to stop and think while I was having my makeup done and I stop and thought about how amazing it is," Anitta said in the video, translated from Portuguese.

"I think the people of Brazil and Portugal take pleasure in hearing our language spoken in other countries. We aren't used to hearing our language being spoken or sung elsewhere, so it's very gratifying!"

The newest edition of the iconic annual will be available for purchase in stores and online from September 2022.