Earlier this month singers Shân Cothi (UK) and Andres Evans (Argentina) made a unique piece of musical history for BBC Music Day 2015 by achieving the world record The greatest distance between people singing a duet.
The historic long-distance performance took place 12,120 km (7,531 miles) apart, with Cothi singing her part in Cardiff, in Wales while Evans sang from Gaiman, Argentina. 
The duet formed part of celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of the first Welsh settlers arriving in the Patagonian area of Argentina in 1865. Since then, the Welsh community and language has thrived in the region of Patagonia. Watch footage of the record-attempt below.
More details about BBC Music Day are available at bbc.co.uk/musicday
The two nations wanted to honour their ongoing relationship by bringing people together, across communities and generations through music.
The duo performed a popular Welsh hymn called Calon Lân and were supported by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Cor Radio Cymru, The Wales Millenium Centre/Only Kids Aloud Chorus and Cor CF1 in Cardiff, as well as the choir Cor Tsgol Gerdd y Gaiman in Argentina.

In order to keep in time with one another across different sides of the Atlantic Ocean, the singers used a ‘click track’, with both sides of the duet coming together live in the control room in Cardiff.
Greatest distance between people singing a duet - singing
"Music is the most universal language we have, way more so than any dialect or tongue," said British conductor and BBC Music Day ambassador Charles Hazlewood following the performance.
Commenting on the duet, Shân said “With around ten minutes to go - I started thinking seriously things might go wrong, but fair play to everyone for concentrating … Hey - we’re in the big book!”
The duet was simulcast on BBC Wales and BBC Radio 3.