Split image of Jyoti holding items

One of our most iconic Guinness World Records title holders is Jyoti Amge, from India. 

She became a part of the GWR family in 2009, when she was confirmed as the world’s shortest teenager living (female) at 61.95 cm (2 ft). 

Two years later, on her 18th birthday, Jyoti was measured again. She was 62.8 cm (2 ft 0.72 in), confirming her as the world’s new shortest female living (mobile).

Now aged 28, Jyoti has retained her record for over a decade and also broke a second; the shortest actress, after appearing as regular character Ma Petite in American Horror Story: Freak Show (premiered 8 October 2014).

Read more about Jyoti's early life and record-breaking journey in her Hall of Fame profile.

Despite her small stature, Jyoti has a large personally and is always smiling and laughing. 

But as you can imagine, manoeuvring in a world designed for average-sized people can be quite a challenge at times.

To show just how large the world can feel for Jyoti sometimes, here are 14 times that Jyoti made average-sized things look large. 

Jyoti holding a microphone

1. Holding a microphone

In 2020, Jyoti collaborated with the Nagpur Police department during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 She helped the police communicate their message of how important it was for the public to stay at home. She also reminded people to wash their hands regularly and wear facemasks if they need to leave the house.

Jyoti with a baby

2. With a baby

Standing at just over two feet, Jyoti is shorter than an average two-year-old.

Therefore it's not surprising that Jyoti looks especially small when with children and babies, although she loves being around them and thinks they're cute.

Jyoti sitting on chair with shortest man

3. Sitting on a chair with world’s shortest man 

In 2010, Jyoti met Khagendra Thapa Magar (Nepal, b. 14 October 1992), then the shortest living teenager (male) at the same time Jyoti was the shortest living teenager (female).

Khagendra went on to become the shortest male living (mobile), before sadly passing away in 2020, aged 27.

"When I met the shortest man in the world and got to know him, I felt very happy," said Jyoti.

"I felt more included and more satisfied that there is somebody like me too."

Jyoti with pigeons

4. Standing next to some pigeons 

This encounter with pigeons occurred in 2011, when Jyoti was in Italy filming the fifth season of Lo Show Dei Record

Before appearing on the show, Jyoti visited nearby Venice with her parents and took in the sights with a gondola ride. 

Afterwards, they stopped in Piazza San Marco where Jyoti spotted these – from her perspective – rather large birds. 

Jyoti with her family

5. With her family 

When Jyoti is with her family, she is often held or carried around by them so she can see the world from their point of view.

Around the house, she often helps with preparing meals, making hot drinks and sweeping.

Having the support of her family is a big source of Jyoti’s strength and sunny outlook, although she hasn’t always felt so positive about her condition.

“When she was not this famous, people used to tease her and make fun of her. She used to feel very dejected then,” her father shared.

However, since having her record recognized and becoming an international celebrity, Jyoti has never looked back.

“With this she has got everything she ever wanted. She is very happy and so are we.” 

"I want to tell everybody else that you shouldn’t consider yourself weak. Go and work hard. Try and achieve what you want and be happy with what you’ve got."

Jyoti holding can of coca cola

6. Holding a can of soda

An average 330cl canned drink is 11.52 cm (4.5 in) tall, but looks much larger against Jyoti's small frame.

In comparison, a can of soda looks miniscule in the hands of Sultan Kösen, the tallest man living.

Jyoti attending college

7. Attending class

Jyoti has an undergraduate degree, as well as a Masters degree in English Literature. She has also taken acting and dance classes. 

But pursuing further education posed additional challenges for Jyoti, beyond the hard work and financial commitment. Jyoti needed her sister to attend college with her, in order to carry her from A to B. With the mass of people in the corridors, it was easy for Jyoti to gather a crowd and get stuck. 

It also didn’t help that one of her classes was on the top floor and, with no lift, Jyoti needed her sister’s assistance there too. 

Despite the challenges, Jyoti put the work in to realize her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress. 

"I’m crazy for acting. I want to make a career in acting and for that I can do anything."

Jyoti realized this dream in 2014, after securing her spot in the aforementioned US hit series American Horror Story.

Jyoti wearing glasses

8. Trying on someone's glasses 

In 2010, when she was still the shortest living teenager (female), Jyoti appeared on the third series of the Japanese TV show Amazing People.

One of the hosts gave her his glasses to try on, which of course were far too big for Jyoti’s petite face. 

Jyoti holding GWR 2013

9. Holding a Guinness World Records book

The Guinness World Records book is 30.3 cm (11.9 in) tall, roughly half of Jyoti’s total height. 

This image is from a 2012 photoshoot promoting the launch of Guinness World Records 2013

Jyoti riding motorcycle with her parents

10. Riding on a motorbike 

To get around her home city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, Jyoti often zips around on a motorbike with her with her parents. 

She sits at the front and holds onto the middle of the handle bars. When not using the motorbike, Jyoti opts to travel as a passenger by car, as public transport can be quite challenging. 

Jyoti using her phone

11. Answering a call on her phone

We all know that phones have increased in size over the years, going from small, boxy things with buttons to large touchscreen devices. 

However, Jyoti has probably noticed this shift more than anyone. The latest iPhone, the 13, is 5.78 inches tall (146.7mm). This probably feels, to Jyoti, similar to how an iPad feels to you. 

Jyoti holding coffee cup

12. Holding a coffee cup 

An average coffee cup, like the one on the counter in this image, has a height of approximately 9.5 cm (3.74 in). 

For Jyoti, to lift a full cup this size would require both hands. 

Jyoti with hand next to someone elses

13. Comparing her hand to someone else's

Talking of hands, this image clearly puts into perspective just how difficult everyday tasks, using items designed for average-sided hands, can be. 

Sultan Kosen Jyoti Amge in front of Sphinx

14. Posing with Sultan Kösen

In 2018, the shortest and tallest met in Egypt. Seeing Jyoti next to the tallest man living Sultan Kösen really shows the incredible breadth of human diversity.

Sultan, who is 251 cm (8 ft 2.8 in) tall, is four times taller than Jyoti. Their size difference is so great that the length of Sultan’s feet is more than Jyoti’s height. 

Despite their obvious differences, Jyoti feels close to Sultan and other Guinness World Records title holders who are all amazingly unique.

"I never knew people could be so oddly different. After meeting them I felt happy that there were others like me too."

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