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Katharina and Elisabeth Lindinger, both 27 from Germany, have broken the record for shortest living twins (female).

 The twin sisters measure an average of 128 cm (4 ft 2 in), as verified on 25 January 2021. 

"It kind of feels a little unreal. Two young women from a small village in Bavaria receive a world title.  But of course we were also very happy. We feel proud and honored. We hope to be able to be a bit of a role model and to give others hope and courage." - Katharina and Elisabeth

Katharina and Elisabeth applied for the record to bring a smile to the face and a hope to the heart of as many people as possible.

"Our family was surprised at first," they said.  

"But it encouraged us in our decision to attempt the world record. Our family supports the idea of giving others courage through the title."

Elisabeth (left) and Katharina (right)

In addition, they hope to drive inclusion with their record title. 

"We both have been politically active since this year. We want to leave the world with good ideas and thoughts, and, through our new awareness, help make the world a better place."

"We also want everyone to recognize that their supposedly greatest 'weakness' can be turned into a trademark. This is purely a matter of the head."

They also hope that this record will help encourage open conversations about their height. 

"We’d be happy if the world understood and had the courage to ask us everything about our short stature. This gives us the chance to reduce our greatest disability - the prejudices in the minds of others."

Katharina and Elisabeth always got on well throughout childhood and are even able to share thoughts with each other without speaking.  

Although they are very close, according to the twins their personalities are actually very different. 

Katharina is more of a quiet, cautious character who first checks the situation, while Elisabeth would open the door and start chatting with people straightaway. 

Katharina and Elisabeth sitting on sofa

Both Katharina and Elisabeth now work in the public sector. Katharina works as a civil servant in the state capital Munich, whilst Elisabeth works in the youth welfare office. 

Elisabeth's hobbies are visiting old people and listening to their stories as well as swimming and cycling. The whole family loves cycling, including Katharina.

Katharina also enjoys painting and doing handicrafts (especially with wood) such as building small pieces of furniture like bedside cabinets or tables. 

After work, they love to meet their friends and in the summer they enjoy sitting outside in their garden.

Katharina and Elisabeth plan to tell their friends about their record title now that it has been officially confirmed, and intend to hold a small celebration to mark the occasion. 

Katharina and Elisabeth with gwr 2022 book

You can see Katharina and Elisabeth's record in Guinness World Records 2022, out now!