split image of senecca and christie by a fence and cuddling on a loveseat

Christie Chandler and Senecca Corsetti are standing tall in the record books for their sizable height difference. 

On 30 July 2022, the St. George, Utah, USA, spouses showed the world that love has no bounds when they became the first to be recognized for the greatest height differential of a married couple (same sexes/women).

Christie, who stands at 5 ft 11.74 in (182.22 cm), is 2 ft 9.44 in (84.94 cm) taller than her wife Senecca, who measures 3 ft 2.29 in (97.28 cm).

Senecca has a form of dwarfism known as diastrophic dysplasia which affects the normal development of cartilage and bone. 

After seeing a video about the greatest height differential of a married couple (different sexes/taller woman), Christie felt motivated to apply for the record title.

"I was like 'Oh my gosh, we crushed that record'", said Christie. 

The topic had previously come up during conversations, but the couple never imagined they would be recognized by Guinness World Records.

"We had talked about it before, like 'I bet we have the biggest height difference in the world'", said Senecca. 

"We had joked about it, but we were never serious about trying to get a title or anything."


The duo met while teaching at the same school, where Christie is an art teacher and Senecca teaches math.

"One day they were bringing in new teachers and I was in the faculty room and this little person came in in a wheelchair and I honestly went and hid because I had never seen a little person before." – Christie Chandler

"She was super friendly and introduced herself and we just started being friends," Christie continued.

Senecca was new to the area, so Christie extended her hand of friendship by inviting her to outings with fellow colleagues.

In what might seem like a twist of fate, Christie's son was also a teacher's aide in Senecca's class and would often assist with handling her heavy mobility service dog.

The newfound friends grew closer and quickly fell in love, dating for three years before marrying in June 2021. 


Despite their vast height difference, the pair shares a handful of things in common, including their love for art, sports and teaching.

"Both of us being teachers brings us closer quite a bit," said Senecca. 

"If I’m struggling in school or I had a good day or I have a question, she [Christie] gets it. It’s great to have someone who understands you."

The couple's union has been met with plenty of support from coworkers and students alike and the duo enjoyed seeing their pupils' reactions when they first discovered the news.

"They love that we’re together and think we’re the cutest couple and we’re their favourite teachers," said Senecca. 

"I think a lot of the kids that are LGBT feel comfortable because they know 'My teachers are in that group and would feel supportive of me.'" – Senecca Corsetti


Although the couple admits that their marriage has faced some minor difficulties due to their height difference, none of those challenges have been great enough to change their affection for one another.

In fact, Christie says it has been the catalyst for teaching her the true meaning of love and patience.

While certain activities may take the pair a bit more time to achieve, they are confident that they are just as capable of accomplishing what anyone else can.

"Our biggest challenge has probably been travelling but we’ve gotten used to it and take multiple wheelchairs depending on what we’re doing," said Christie. 

"I’ve gotten really good at booking accessible hotel rooms and making sure that the things that we do are accessible." 


The struggles the two have faced haven’t just taught them about the importance of accessibility, but how to understand and embrace individual differences as well.

"I learned that the world is not made for little people or people that have disabilities and that’s unfortunate because it should be." – Christie Chandler

Regardless of these circumstances, the wives agree that their height difference brings far more advantages than disadvantages.

"We joke that I clean the lowest and she [Christie] cleans the highest," said Senecca. 

"I hate doing baseboards and she’s a Rockstar at doing baseboards," Christie added.

The self-described soulmates agree that the golden rule for a strong bond is maintaining effective communication.

"My advice for dating anybody that’s outside of your height or has a disability or from a different culture is just to communicate," said Senecca. 

"Communicate about what your needs are and what your expectations are. That goes for any relationship."


Christie and Senecca hope that their record title will serve as inspiration to individuals everywhere and help normalize the importance of recognizing diversity.

"Seeing how other people live I think is good for other people in general," said Senecca. 

"Disability is not out of the norm and being gay is not out of the norm. I think the more you see it, the more you are accustomed to it and it’s not that big of a deal anymore." – Senecca Corsetti

The spouses are proud to show the world that love conquers all: every challenge, hardship, or obstacle. 

They also wish to encourage people to search for happiness by being themselves rather than trying to meet society’s expectations.


 "If someone would have told me 20 years ago that my spouse would be 3 ft 2 in (97.28 cm), I would have been like 'Yeah, right'", said Christie. 

"I think you just fall in love with who that person is and if that’s your person, whether they’re short or tall, or whatever, your person is your person." – Christie Chandler

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