Fortnite Creative Mode challenges

The brand-new Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2020 is launching from the party bus with a 14-page feature on the Battle Royale phenomenon, Fortnite.  

There is a whole suite of new records to read about, ranging from the achievements of the pro players to a guide of the past seasons and how the well-trodden Fortnite map has changed across the years.  

The first thing to talk about is our "Creative Mode Challenge". 

Previous Gamer’s Edition books have featured some record challenges that you can try at home. This year we are turning that on its head and posing a different challenge

You all know about Fortnite Creative Mode, where it’s possible to make your own custom maps and share their codes online for others to play. This year we want to use your creativity as the base for some records. 

Fortnite creative maps

For example, if you have designed a fiendishly difficult parkour map, we want you to send us the map code so we can work with you and turn it into a record title like, fastest time to complete [insert your username here]’s parkour run. We are open to all sorts of ideas for Fortnite creative maps which can be records.

In the rest of our special section we have several different sections dedicated to some of the record-worthy achievements. In "Phenomenal Fortnite" you can read about the most watched Fortnite-themed YouTube video and find out how many people were involved in the most participants in a videogame emote routine which used dance moves from the famous emotes.

We have a section on "Players & Pros" where you can find out who has the longest Fortnite winning streaks solo and duo while in our "Weapons & Skins" section you can see what life-sized weapon someone has made out of LEGO and where the classic 'Tender Defender' skin came from.  

The "A Map for all Seasons" section is a guide to all the different changes the Fortnite map has gone through across its many seasons and some record-breaking events that occurred during them.  

And finally, there is a Q&A with RockyNoHands, a truly inspirational gamer who was paralysed in 2006, but that has not stopped him from claiming two Fortnite records using a mouth-operated joystick. 

Read about all the Fortnite record-breaking action as well as more top gamers and characters in Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2020.

Gamer's Edition 2020