Fortnite Creative Mode challenges

Creative Mode is a game-changer in the most literal sense, as you can use its building tools to craft challenges for others to attempt. Read on to find out how your creations could be used in future record attempts…

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Trickiest Tracks

Racing is one of Fortnite’s most exciting activities, and it just so happens that laying out your own racetrack is lots of fun as well. You’re even able to select the vehicles that players can use on your course. And, naturally, you’re free to make its setting as fantastical as you like.

Creator: MOMMA_MAK 

Course name: Momma Mak’s Paradise Isle 

Island code: 7489-2231-7837

A-maze-ing Mazes

Whether it’s a traditional hedge maze or a labyrinth made from wood or stone – or whatever else takes your fancy – the only limit to the mazes you construct is your own imagination. We’re looking for mazes that will have players running around in circles.

Creator: JXDVN 

Course name: Adventures in Wonderland Part 1 

Island code: 2611-2622-9927

Deadliest Deathruns

Traps, traps and more traps! Spikes shooting out of walls, fiery-hot lava pooling on the floor and electrified ceilings are just the start of the fiendish ways you might come a cropper in one of these constructions. The best deathruns require skill and dexterity to survive, but the important thing is that each room in your course must have a possible escape route.


Course name: CizzorzDeathRun Challenge

Island code: 0940-9970-7913

Punishing Parkour

A parkour – or freerunning – course should be the ultimate test of speed, strength and poise for the people who attempt them. Your stage should have players springing from ledge to ledge, leaping to moving platforms and trying to time their jumps perfectly to blast off Shockwave Grenade detonations.


Course name: Apa Parkour University 

Island code: 9469-8901-1491


How would you like to have your Fortnite creation become part of a Guinness World Records attempt? Here at GWR HQ, we’re looking to find players who’ve mastered Fortnite’s Creative Mode so we can use their deathruns, parkour courses, mazes and racetracks for new record titles.

If you possess the skills and like the idea of having other players try to set the fastest times in your creation, then we want to hear from you. And if you need inspiration, we’ve included the Island codes for some of the most popular examples from each type of challenge. 


Once you have designed your challenge you can submit the island code and a brief description to We will then review it and let you know if it can form the basis of a new record title.