Oldest trapeze artist

Betty Goedhart is quite literally flipping into Guinness World Records 2019, performing extraordinary stunts at an age where many wouldn't dream of such as physically demanding hobby.

Now aged 85, she has held the title for the Oldest performing flying trapeze artist (female) since 1 July 2017 when she was 84 years 249 days old.


Betty’s inspiration stems from her childhood when her parents took her to the circus in Kansas City and she witnessed trapeze artists for the very first time.  

However it wasn’t until her 78th birthday when a friend bought her trapeze lessons that she ever considered trying it for herself.

While many would doubt their ability to try the activity at her age, Betty has been fearless from all of the challenges she persevered through while growing up.

Betty lived in England for 38 years where she took up horseback riding with her children and played Polo.

Oldest trapeze artist 4

She began ice skating at the age of seven and went on to compete as she grew up. At 18 she joined the company Holiday on Ice, an established entertainment show on ice that toured the world, proving from an early age that she enjoyed performing.

Eventually, this decision led her to meet her husband Skee Goedhart who was an executive with the company! 

Through these experiences, Betty mentions she has learned anything is possible and credits her dad who taught her an important life lesson to overcome any obstacle that comes her way.

"To me, failure is a state of mind. I found that if I worked hard and found out ways to make it work — then it always worked. And so, at the age of 85 I truly feel that I have not failed anything."

Despite being an ambitious person, Betty admitted to being “terrified” during her first attempt.

Oldest trapeze artist 3

Undeterred though, she went for it though says she doesn’t feel her first attempt was impressive.

Under the guidance of instructor Dave Ayers, a man Betty says reminds her of her dad, she has continued to practice and improve.

She’s even inspired her former instructor; Dave said her enthusiasm helped him understand he didn’t want to be old so he “quit being old”.

Being part of the book is the icing on the cake for Betty, as her reaction in the video above shows.

And she has a message for anyone wanting to attempt a record themselves: "Everyone out there trying to accomplish their goals, should remember that a winner is just a loser who tried one more time.

"Isn't it fun to do the impossible."