Congratulations to Clive Greenaway from Poole in Dorset, UK who now holds the record for the most jokes told in one minute with a total of 26. 
The quick-fire comic set the record following a successful attempt at the Arts Centre in Haverhill, Suffolk. 
Clive, 57, has worked as a professional comedy magician for over 20 years, overcoming speech difficulties in childhood. 
He later became a member of the Magic Circle and the Equity entertainment union.
"I am delighted with my record," Clive told the Daily Telegraph earlier this week
"There was a lot of training that went into it. After I wrote down 30 jokes it took me months to practice them and get them word perfect and build up my delivery speed.  
"I didn't speed up towards the end, I started flat out and kept that pace up. I probably left a gap of a 400th-of-a-second for the audience to react before I started the next joke.  
"I really enjoyed it although it was a bit of a blur. They didn't have to be original jokes so I chose some classic English, old school jokes the likes of Tommy Cooper and Les Dawson used to tell. I also did some of my own.  
"They had to be short jokes that had to have a trigger line and a punch line to them." 
While this particular category is always guaranteed to raise a smile, setting the world record is no laughing matter, with some very strict guidelines in place.
"This particular Guinness World Records title is all about sharp and intelligent joke telling." explained Jamie Clark, Guinness World Records' UK press officer. 
"One of the key rules states that the jokes told must draw a reaction or laugh from the audience - so Clive's achievement of 26 jokes in one minute is a fantastic effort and one that will take some beating."
Under the Guinness World Records rules, the one minute routine must be performed in front of a live audience.  
All jokes must be told rather than read from a script or book and must each have at least one set-up line and a punchline.
Crucially, any gag that doesn't draw any laughter or favourable reaction from the audience cannot be counted.

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