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18 record-breaking hopefuls will put on their running shoes and attempt a Guinness World Records title during the 2018 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday (21 October)

In its eighth year, this fruitful partnership between Canada Running Series and Guinness World Records has provided runners with on-site verification as an official adjudicator looks on to see if their run has been record-breaking.

Here are a few of the runners to watch during this year’s Toronto marathon:


Fastest half marathon dressed as a witch (female)

Suzy Prosser, 36, Ontario, Canada 

Time to beat: 2:00:00

Suzy is bringing a little magic to the race dressed as a witch as she attempts this title for the second time. 

Channeling resilience and female strength through her costume, she is running for the Women’s College Hospital. Suzy adds.

"After being attacked by a stranger in a city park while out on a run earlier this year I lost the motivation and sense of freedom to run again," she said. 

"To find the drive to overcome the barriers that were now in front of me, I signed up for the half marathon and applied to attempt the record. But mostly I wanted to make the run about raising money for Women’s College Hospital as a thank you for the support and care they provided in the aftermath of what happened."

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 3

Fastest half marathon pushing two double prams (female)

Julie Hillis, 37, Ontario, Canada

Time to beat: 2:15:00

Julie, a police officer and mother of four, is making her attempt a family affair! 

Bringing her four young children along, she hopes to use this attempt to show them the importance of physical fitness, goal-setting and healthy living. 

"What inspires me to attempt this record is to inspire others to try more then they think they are capable of. To push my limits will hopefully inspire others to do the same."


Fastest half marathon using electronic leg braces (female)

Stacey Kozel, 44, Ohio, USA

Time to beat: 4:00:00

Having completed her first 5 k at just 7 years old, Stacey learned at a young age that anything is possible through hard work and determination. 

She fell in love with running and though she was diagnosed with Lupus in her late teens and has lost mobility in her legs, Stacey’s never lost her love for running. Using two types of braces, she has her eye setting more records and participating in more half marathons. 

"I am fairly new to doing half marathons, but I am hoping to do many more in the future. My goal is to do a half marathon in every state in the USA and on every continent," she said.


Fastest half marathon in highland dress  

Patrick Farren, 23, New Brunswick, Canada

Time to beat: 1:43:44 

Wearing the colours and tartan of his family, the Robertson Clan, Patrick will be seen on the race course wearing traditional Scottish Highland Dress. In honour of his grandmother, who’s kilt is part of his dress, Patrick’s attempt benefits the Canadian Cancer Society.


Fastest half marathon dressed as an emoji (male)

Brad Vincent, 26, Michigan, USA

Time to beat: 2:00:00

"It has been my dream since I was 11 years old to have a Guinness World Record title," explains Brad. 

To prepare for his attempt, Brad sewed and glued the entire costume himself! As his costume requires his hands to be within the structure, his biggest challenge on race day will be to keep his hands within the costume and using solely his legs. 

"It is easy to forget that a lot of running relies on the form of your arms for movement and balance. Take that away and this will make for a challenging race while wearing my costume," he adds. 


Fastest Half Marathon dressed as a Video Game Character (Female)

Jean Oh, 31, Washington, USA

Time to beat: 2:00:00

Two of Jean’s favourite childhood memories include the moment when her mother gifted her and her brother a Super Nintendo and Donkey Kong Country game. 

Combining video games with her dedication to staying fit (since college), you’ll see Jean running dressed as Yoshi from Mario Kart. “Yoshi was the cutest and he was/is always my favourite character to use in Mario Kart!”

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