STWM 2018

On Sunday (21 October) 19 record-breaking hopefuls lined up at the 2018 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon to see if they could achieve a Guinness World Records title. 

All were equally diligent in preparing for the day, and despite low temperatures and the pressure of beating the clock, 13 individuals managed to persevere to cross the Toronto marathon finish line as record breakers. 

From supermums pushing prams to expert jogglers keeping steady rhythm throughout the course, below are the list of new Guinness World Records title holders and the impressive times they accomplished. 

Toronto Marathon 6

Fastest marathon dressed as a battery (male)

With an impressive time of 2:59:57.6, Blaine Penny brought positive energy to the race course while dressed as a battery. Penny, the Co-Founder of MitoCanada and TEAMmito Founder ran to bring awareness to the foundation which helps to those affected by mitochondrial disease and educate the public on the importance of mitochondria.

Toronto Marathon 2

Fastest half marathon dressed as a television character (female)

Pamela Bottos, dressed as Lucille Ball, set the record at an incredible time of 1:56:48! Her run benefited Breast Foot Forward, in memory of her sister-in-law, Pepper.

Toronto Marathon

Fastest half marathon dressed as a chef (male)

Daniel Janetos, broke his own time from the 2017 (1:34:53) race by more than seven minutes! At 1:27:50, Daniel’s attempt during this year’s race assisted the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Foundation (NWRF).

Toronto Marathon 7

Fastest marathon with two runners handcuffed together (male)

Victor Frève-Boucher and his friend, Freüd Fortier-Chouinard, ran in handcuffs together to set the title at a whopping 3:15:42.5. Their first marathon ever was dedicated to helping the charity, the Fondation Élan.

STWM 2018 9

Fastest half marathon joggling with three objects (male)

Inspired by Michal Kapral’s successful attempt from 2014, Michael-Lucien Bergeron, followed his footsteps to break the record with his impressive time of 1:17:09.4. He hoped to show young athletes that running can be fun.

STWM 2018 5

Fastest half marathon dressed as a zoo keeper

Bridget Burns wrangled a new title with her time of 2:04:46.7. Her run benefited the Friends of High Park Zoo. This new title joins her existing set of records including Fastest half marathon in motocross gear (female) at 2 hr 14 min 34 sec and Fastest marathon dressed as a boxer (female) at 3 hr 52 min 27 sec.

STWM 2018

Fastest half marathon carrying golf clubs

Multiple Guinness World Records title holder, Robert Winckler’s latest record-breaking time of 1:57:58.8 combined his passion for running and golf to help the Kids Help Phone organization. Robert also holds the titles for Fastest half marathon dressed as a cowboy at 1 hr 51 min 56 sec and Fastest half marathon dressed as a swimmer (male) with a time of  1 hr 47 min 51 sec.

Toronto Marathon 8

Fastest half marathon pushing two double prams (female)

Julie Hillis made her attempt a family affair with the help of her four young children (Duncan, Sarah, Maggie, and Isa) to break the title at 2:04:59. She hoped to use this attempt to show them the importance of physical fitness, goal-setting and healthy living.

Toronto Marathon 3

Fastest Half Marathon dressed as a Video Game Character (female)

Dressed as the beloved Nintendo videogame character, runner, Jean Oh, overcame a recent brain injury to set the title at 1:35:56.2.

Toronto Marathon 4

Fastest half marathon dressed as an emoji (male)

Running as the poo emoji, Bradley Vincent’s incredible time of 1:38:14.1 made history. He even created the costume himself!

Toronto Marathon 5 

Fastest half marathon dressed in an ice hockey kit (male)

Evan Latsky made a goal with his quick time of 1:39:50.4 dressed in ice hockey gear. His attempt, which also benefited the charity of his choice, set the record.

Toronto Marathon 9

Fastest half marathon with four runners handcuffed together (male)

Kyle Pastor, Marco Pelayo, David Duarte, Christopher Hoeppler, made this race one they’ll never forget. Handcuffed to each other, the four friends completed the race in an amazing time of 2:00:28.

STWM 2018 8

Fastest half marathon in a two-person costume

Petro Czupiel, who achieved his first Guinness World Records title during last year’s race for the Fastest half marathon dressed as a clown at a time of 1:30:32, also made the 2018 race even more special by inviting his brother to join him! Dressed as Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble in the recognizable Flintstone car, Petro and Andrey Czupiel came in at an impressive time of 2:09:27.5.