Oldest married couple, aggregate age
Miyako Sonoda, Masao Matsumoto
210:121 year(s)
Japan (Takamatsu)

The oldest married couple are Masao Matsumoto (Japan, b. 9 July 1910) and Miyako Sonoda (Japan, b. 24 November 1917), with an aggregate age of 210 years 121 days, as verified in Takamatsu, Japan, on 17 May 2019.

Masao and Miyako chose the beginning day of the Reiwa Era as their record date. The couple was happy to witness the beginning of a new era together, hoping for a continuing peace.

Sadly, Masao Matsumoto passed away on the 17th of May 2019, Masao and Miyako had been married 81 years and 209 days. He was 108 years 312 days and she was 101 years and 174 days when Masao passed away.