Husband of oldest married couple passes away aged 108, days after setting new record

By Masakazu Senda

Masao Matsumoto, the husband of the oldest married couple, had passed away at the age of 108.

Masao (born 9 July 1910) was married to Miyako Sonoda (born 24 November 1917) since 20 October 1937. The pair became the oldest living married couple, aggregate age on 25 July 2018, aged 108 years 16 days and 100 years 243 days respectively before officially becoming the record holders for the oldest married couple, aggregate age on Friday 17 May 2019 with an aggregate age of 210 years 121 days. 

According to Aya Ozawa, one of their grandchildren, Masao passed away peacefully three days later surrounded by his family.

From right: Chizuru (second daughter), Miyako, Masao, Masao's brother (name unknown), Etsuko (eldest daughter), Shige (Masao's sister)

Having withstood many hardships including the Second World War, the couple have five daughters (Etsuko, 77, Chizuyo, 75, Mitsue, 71, Emiko, 68, and Hiromi, 66) and 14 grandchildren.


Aya Ozawa told Guinness World Records that her grandmother is extremely saddened by the loss of her husband. "It is unimaginable for me to lose someone that you've been together for over years, but her family, as well as people at her rest home, is keeping her company."


Masao and Miyako first achieved the record for oldest living married couple in July 2018 when they had an aggregate age of 208 years 259 days.