Most diamonds set in one ring
Kotti Srikanth
7801 total number
India (Hyderabad)

The most diamonds set in one ring is 7,801 and was achieved by Kotti Srikanth (India) in Hyderabad, India, on 9 August 2020.

The designing of this ring started in September of 2018, when it was just a pencil drawing. The team then used a computer-aided design (CAD) to figure out how many diamonds they'd need to create the ring they'd selected.

By March 2019, the ring base was created. The team had to improvise some of the solutions to new challenges as this was the first time they take on such a considerable challenge, but they said it was worth it as they have now learned so much and plan on using their newfound knowledge for future projects.

When we asked why they chose a flower as their design inspiration, the team said it was mainly due to its connection to cultural traditions. "In India we have a tradition of respecting our Gods with garlands of flowers and individual flowers are used as an offering."

The application is in the name of Kotti Srikanth as he is the founder of Hallmark Jewellers, now a well-known distinctive Indian brand. Soon after establishing themselves, they focused on dimaond jewelry. This record was therefore a great fit to develop their brand and designs.

Jewelry design has long been Kotti's passion "I simply love creating new concepts and converting them in wearable jewellery." and adding a Guiness World Records title to his name is something he considers a lifetime achievement.