split image of the ring with the most diamonds set in it showing the front and back

Kotti Srikanth (India) is no stranger to dazzling jewellery. 

As the founder of Hallmark Jewellers he has spent much of his live surrounded by jewels, but one stood out above the rest - diamonds. 

This inspired him to break the record for the most diamonds set in one ring, setting a staggering 7,801 gems into a flower shaped ring. 

The design process for the ring started in September of 2018, when it was just a pencil drawing. 

A flower was chosen as their design inspiration due to Indian cultural traditions. 

"In India we have a tradition of respecting our Gods with garlands of flowers and individual flowers are used as an offering. The flowers signify the essence of purity," Kotti explained. 

"We worked with many flower-based designs. Of these [the] Camellia design allowed an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary thought and had most visual appeal."

metal ring without diamonds

Once the design was finalised, the Hallmark Jewellers team then used computer-aided design (CAD) to figure out how many diamonds they would need to create the ring they had designed.

This initial planning process took about 45 days. By March 2019, the ring base was created. 

"This was our first attempt at making something this challenging. It spanned over 10 months with improvements and improvisations at many stages." - Kotti Srikanth 

Once they received the exact diamond requirement in May 2019, they started procurement of diamonds. 

different metal components of the ring disassembled on a desk

"This exercise took a good deal of time as we wanted all the diamond to be homogeneous," Kotti continued.

"We received the final ring in August 2019 and gave it the finishing touches at our facility in Hyderabad."

As part of the verification process, Hallmark Jewellers had to ensure that all diamonds used were conflict free. This is always done for any of diamond-related records.

side profile of the ring with the most diamonds

Soon after Kotti founded Hallmark Jewellers in 2010, they turned their attention to diamond jewellery. 

They attempted this record as it was a great fit to develop their brand and designs, and as Kotti said, may lead to more record-breaking pieces in the future. 

"We have had a great learning experience here and it will encourage us to create new jewellery masterpieces in future."  

diamonds on the base of the ring and underneath the petals

Jewellery is my passion. I simply love creating new concepts and converting them into wearable jewellery."

"[being a] GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title holder is a lifetime achievement in itself."

We're exciting to see what dazzling records Kotti and the Hallmark Jewellers team might break next.