Most consecutive water polo passes by a pair
Mark Freed, Charlie Exall
95 total number
United Kingdom (Tunbridge Wells)

The most consecutive water polo passes by a pair is 95 and was achieved by Mark Freed and Charlie Exall (both UK) in Tunbridge Wells, UK, on 12 March 2019.

Mark set himself a challenge of breaking a Guinness World Records title before he turned 60. He made this attempt three days after turning 59. He chose to attempt this record as he has been playing water polo for 40 years, more recently for the Sevenoaks Sharks. Both Mark and his partner Charlie hoped that this record would encourage more people, of all ages, to take up the sport of water polo.

The original plan was for Mark to attempt the record alongside teammate Danny Hanlon but, unfortunately, Danny was struck down by pneumonia. Thankfully fellow teammate Charlie was able to step up and train for the attempt. On another happy note Danny has made a full recovery.