Largest jam jar

Largest jam jar
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Elie Ghanime, Nizar Gerges, Nada Boustany, Youri Bejjani
1,500.5 kilogram(s)
Lebanon (Mayrouba)
09 October 2022

The largest jam jar weighs 1,500.5 (3,308,036 lb 52,928.57 oz) and was achieved by Elie Ghanime, Nizar Gerges, Nada Boustany, and Youri Bejjani (all Lebanon), in Mayrouba, Lebanon, on 9 October 2022.

This record title was achieved as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Lebanese people and their unwavering commitment to achieving greatness. By sourcing ingredients from devoted farmers, this project aimed to support the agricultural sector and preserve the traditions of the land.

The collaborative efforts of countless local farmers who provided an abundance of the finest apples, and the passion of numerous volunteers who contributed their time and energy, resulted in breaking the record title the largest jam jar.