Largest box of chocolate bars
Meiji Corporation
2044 kilogram(s)
Japan (Tokyo)

The largest box of chocolate bars weighs 2,044 kg (4,506 lb 3.97 oz) and was made by Meiji Corporation (Japan) at Koto Supporting Centre in Koto, Tokyo, Japan, on 29 January 2016.

The box is a replica of a box for Meiji milk chocolate bars. The box is 16 times bigger than the original box and measures 122.7 (depth) cm x 241.5 cm (width) x 110.0 cm (height). The box was filled with about 40,000 chocolate bars. Meiji Corporation attempted the record for celebrating the 90th anniversary of their milk chocolate bars. All of the chocolate bars used to attempt the record will be distributed to public at 6 outlets for 10 days.