Most wakeboarding world titles (female)

Most wakeboarding world titles (female)
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Julia Rick
10 total number
Mexico (Playa Del Carmen)
19 October 2019

The most wakeboarding world titles (female) is 10 and was achieved by Julia Rick (Germany), in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, on 19 October 2019.

Julia started wakeboarding around 2009 and won her first Wakeboarding World Championship title in 2012.

As an extremely passionate wakeboarder, Julia trains almost every day on the water. She also makes a habit of training off water too, to keep her body in the best possible shape.

We asked what advice she would give to anyone who is looking to get into wakeboarding:

"It's a great sport for everyone in every age! Just try it out and see for yourself! If it doesn't work out on your first time, just go again!"