Largest horn spread on a goat ever

Largest horn spread on a goat ever
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146 centimetre(s)
Switzerland (Naters)
16 October 2021

The largest horn spread on a goat ever measured 146 cm (57.48 in), and was achieved by Albino (Switzerland), as verified in Naters, Switzerland, on 16 October 2021.

Albino was owned by Roland Fercher (Switzerland) and he was born on Roland's farm, but was acquired from another herd of goats. His breed is Capra Sempione.

Albino lived in his outdoor enclosure with his herd from the months of October to May, where he guarded and protected the herd. Autumn is key breeding time for goats, so Albino made sure to protect, especially the baby goats, which are known as 'kids'.

From May until October, Albino spent his summer grazing with ten other billy goats of different breeds. Due to his size, Albino assumed the role of the leader of the group, which is normal among groups of goats.

Albino was described as stubborn and dominant, yet possessed an elegant presence. He was very photogenic and stood proud because of his horns, and he was also described as a bit of a loner. Despite this, he was a bit of a charmer with the female goats and conducted himself very politely around them!

Albino sadly passed away on the 17th April 2022.