Greatest ascent and decent on an obstacle course race
World’s Highest OCR, EP Global Events Limited
3019 metre(s)
Nepal (Himalayas)

The greatest ascent and decent on an obstacle course race is 3.019 km (1.87 miles) achieved at an event organised by World’s Highest OCR by E P Global Events Limited (Gibraltar) in Lukla, Nepal, from 10-11 November 2022.

Participants of the obstacle course were Robert Edmond, Becky Neal, David Pickles, Emily Walker and Philip Clark (all UK) Kam Kaur (India) Charlie Engle, Steven Kaufman, Alex Miller, Ian Adamson, Cheyenne Doig, Michael Linnane, Yara Alves, Amy Remington, Aliyah Emas, Christopher Hoover, Donna Boots, David Berkoff, Dan Charko and Jason Perkins (all US) Michel Grenier, Chantal Lacasse and Jason Desaulniers (all Canada) Szilard Ferencsik (Hungary) Ailene Tolentino, Sandi Menchi, Andrico Mahilum and Thumbie Remigio (all Philippines) Konstantinos Michos (Greece) Anima Sherpa (Nepal) Thomas Basson (South Africa)