Farthest backflip between hanging ropes (male)

Farthest backflip between hanging ropes (male)
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Najee Richardson
5.79 metre(s)
United States (Hainesport )
10 November 2022

The farthest backflip between hanging ropes (male) is 5.79 m (19 ft) and was achieved by Najee Richardson (USA) in Hainesport, New Jersey, USA, on 10 November 2022.

Najee had previously tied this record with fellow ninja athlete Joseph Meissner in September 2022, with 5 m (16.40 ft).

"At the event unfortunately we ran out of time to keep pushing the distance back on how far we could truly push this record. I felt we had much, much more to give so I had to pursue that and see what was truly possible."