Longest duration static apnea in ice water (female) (AIDA)
Maria Olshevskaya
4:17 minute(s):second(s)
Russian Federation (Saint-Peyersburg)

The longest duration static apnea in ice water (female) (AIDA) is 4 mins 17 sec and was achieved by Maria Olshevskaya (Russian Federation) in Saint-Peyersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation, on 8 March 2021.

In January 2021 Maria realised that she had prepared enough for a reasonable breath hold in icy water to pursue an attempt for the Guinness World Records title. "The first time I had tried Ice STA in March 2020. Pools were closed because of COVID and I was searching opportunity for my freediving trainings. I liked this type of trainings despite no one (as I knew) had tried it before and continued next autumn when water got cold."

Maria took on freediving by chance. "I came to dive-club in my native city to try it and then it dramatically changed my life. I had been going for open water swimming once per week since September 2020 in addition to my regular freediving trainings in the pool and gym. In January 2021 when I got used to +1C water I began hold my breath in ice hole increasing duration of STA every week. It was mentally difficult. Every Sunday when I came to the ice hole I’ve told myself that my body was in perfect condition and I could do a little bit more than last time."

On the day of the attempt there was frosty weather (-10C) and it was windy. "I realized that I need to pass as soon as possible from changing cabin to ice hole. At the same time I had to be there just in time of countdown for official top and start my breath hold in 10 seconds interval according to AIDA rules. So, proper timing and relaxation were the most challenging part. I knew that my body was ready to do this."