Longest triathlon (male)
Luigi Castelli
9,555 kilometre(s)
Singapore (Singapore)
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

The longest triathlon (male) is 9,555 km (5,937.2 mi), and was achieved by Luigi Castelli (Italy), in Singapore, Singapore, between 18 June - 30 November 2023.

Luigi was a recreational runner prior to Covid and since then, has been running regularly to get some fresh air. In August 2021, he saw Adrian Bennett's record (the previous record holder) and although he didn't give it much thought, the seed was planted. It then took root more than 3 years later as he decided it was his goal to break the record.

Luigi says "I do believe all of us are capable of more than we believe. If we allow ourselves to believe and act on our beliefs, then we can. Most of us underestimate our own potential. This underestimation leads to inaction and my wish is for all to make their dreams, whatever they are, real because everyone actually can."

During this attempt, Luigi raised money for 2 causes - the first was to support a community house located in Bhandara, India whose purpose is to help the elderly, widows and disabled individuals. The second is to support the Italian NGO "Missione Possibile" who have been based in Cambodia since 1999. Their goal is to help with health and education for lower income children with the conviction that the formation of the new generation is the keystone for a new future of the country.