Greatest distance cycled on a bike roller in one hour
Jochen Glasbrenner
67.41 kilometre(s)
Germany (Stuttgart)

The greatest distance cycled on a bike roller in one hour is 67.41 km (41.89 mi) and was achieved by Jochen Glasbrenner (Germany), in Stuttgart, Germany, on 6 June 2021.

Jochen has been into endurance sports since 1991 when he started to get into running. He went on to compete in triathlons and also an ultra run (100 km distance), so he is no stranger to maintaining physical and mental focus!

For this record attempt, Jochen trained six times a week in preparation, and said that the most difficult part of the training was maintaining balance on the roller.

He faced a few challenges on the day of the attempt, one being that he hand to keep changing his grip on the handlebars in order to avoid cramp in the hands. He also found it challenging to maintain balance on the roller, but in the end he got into the rhythm and went on to achieve the record title.