Most weight lifted by kettlebell swings in 12 hours (team)
Nazarevich Maksim, Lisicyn Oleg A., Shilinskij Mihail, Veshnjakov Viktor, Pushkarev Aleksej , Lisicyn Oleg , Beloded Gennadij, Lisicyn Andrej , Levchenko Nikolaj, Trusevich Jeduard, Stankjavichus Bronjus, Nazarevich Evgenij
240,072 kilogram(s)
Russian Federation (Arkhangelsk)

The heaviest weight lifted in 12 hours by kettlebell swings (team) is 240,072 kg (529268.2 lb) and was achieved by team Spartacus, in an event organised Anatoly Ezhov (Belarus) in Arkhangelsk, Russia, on 29 October 2017.

Team Spartacus comprised of: Nazarevich Evgenij (Belarus), Stankjavichus Bronjus (Lithuania), Trusevich Jeduard (Latvia), Levchenko Nikolaj (Ukraine), Lisicyn Andrej (Russia), Beloded Gennadij (Ukraine), Lisicyn Oleg O. (Russia), Pushkarev Aleksej (Russia), Veshnjakov Viktor (Russia), Shilinskij Mihail (Russia), Lisicyn Oleg A. (Russia) and Nazarevich Maksim (Belarus)