Largest game of freeze tag
Fiesta Bowl Charities
2,172 people
United States (Phoenix)

The largest game of freeze tag consists of 2,172 participants, and was achieved by Fiesta Bowl Charities (USA) at an event sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, with the students of Phoenix Elementary School District #1, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 13 November 2019.

To kick off the Fiesta Bowl Day of Play, students from the first through to eighth grades from all across Phoenix Elementary School District #1 came together for a game of record-breaking freeze tag. For the game 20 students were chosen to be “it” and wore yellow vests. The rest of the students were broken into yellow, red, green and blue teams. For 15 minutes, the “it” students chased the other students around a field, and anyone who was tagged froze in place and sat down. At the end of the 15 minutes, everyone who was left standing was counted, and the yellow team was determined to be the winner, with 103 students left standing.