Weekly record challenge

A record challenge that we host across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, the #GWRchallenge has entertained many people throughout various lockdowns this year. The guidelines for each challenge are posted here and on our social channels. You can then submit your evidence simply by posting a video of you attempting the record, making sure you use the hashtag #GWRchallenge. Then we do the rest! We can’t wait to see who will become Officially Amazing!™

The #GWRchallenge is BACK for a special Guinness World Records Day edition! 

This week's challenge

Most star jumps in 30 seconds 

Applications for this record have now closed. We'll be announcing the winner soon! 

The guidelines are as follows:

  • For this record, you will need a clear space with enough room to perform some star jumps.
  • You must start by standing straight with your arms down by your side.
  • Then jump into the air, with the back straight, legs wide apart, and straight arms raised horizontally to the ground.
  • Upon landing, you must then crouch down with knees bent, so that both hands touch the floor.
  • This counts as one star jump.
  • The next star jump is initiated from the crouched position.
  • Do as many star jumps as possible in 30 seconds!

How to get your attempt recognized and verified

  1. The footage of the actual attempt must be one-take, no edits or cuts please
  2. Be sure to follow ALL rules
  3. Tag our account and use our hashtag
  4. State the number or score you’ve achieved in your caption

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