Meet the Editors

Meet the team of editors and experts that, every year, work to bring a new, action-packed Guinness World Records edition to life.

Our Editors

Craig Glenday

Craig Glenday GWR 2018

In May 2022, Craig celebrates his 20th year at Guinness World Records. 

A writer and editor, he studied Publishing at Napier in Edinburgh and spent the first half of his career developing magazine titles, covering topics as diverse as classical and jazz music, home DIY, cookery, gambling and the paranormal ("I know a very little about a lot of topics!", he says). His first role in Guinness World Records was the Web Editor, before taking over as Editor-in-Chief in 2005. The upcoming 2023 edition will be his 18th book. As a Guinness World Records brand ambassador, Craig has travelled extensively, adjudicating some of the most iconic records, including the tallest man, shortest woman and longest fingernails. 

He has also enjoyed a host of celebrity encounters, among them Marvel star Hugh Jackman, soccer legend Pele and global superstar Beyoncé - a fact that he rarely lets his colleagues forget...

Adam Millward

Adam Millward bio pic

A published writer since the age of 14, Adam studied journalism at Cardiff University and got the bug for editing there during Haribo-fuelled deadlines staying up till 3am to send the student newspaper off to press. As well as writing, he went on to edit a range of monthly magazines covering everything from digital art to science, space and history. 

Joining Guinness World Records (GWR) in 2014, Adam has worked on the main annual, as well as overseeing several spin-off titles: Blockbusters! (2015/2016), Amazing Animals (2017) and Wild Things (2018).
Having happily become the “nature guy” at Guinness World Records has enabled him to indulge his passion for all things flora and fauna. 

It’s also given him privileged access to some truly legendary institutions, both organizations (e.g., Guide Dogs, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Kew Gardens and London Zoo) and individuals (e.g., Jane Goodall, Steve Backshall, Noel Fitzpatrick, Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough).

Ben Hollingum

Ben Hollingum editor bio

Joining Guinness World Records in 2015, Ben is a writer, editor and researcher who has devoted his life to the gathering of pointless facts. 

He studied English literature at the University of Kent, and stumbled into editorial work shortly after graduation. Before starting at Guinness World Records, he worked on science textbooks, travel guides, various magazines and a lot of military history.
These days he handles the science and technology beat with the help of a small army of consultants and some very patient industry contacts. He loves Guinness World Records because they not only allow, but expect him to spend hours in research libraries following whatever strange tangents his curiosity leads him down.

Aishwarya Khokle 

Aishwarya Khokle

The newest member of Guinness World Records’ publishing team, Aishwarya has an MA in International Relations from the University of Westminster. 

After completing her education, she spent the first few years working with various print publications in India as well as in London, UK.
Having an inquisitive mind, she has explored various sectors of media – be it fashion magazines, newspapers or digital.

At Guinness World Records, Aishwarya will be assisting her teammates with record research and compiling the world-famous books, particularly with an eye on content geared towards the brand’s younger audience. In her free time, Aishwarya loves to travel, go on adventures, and meet friends and family.