A retired man has broken the record for most pubs visited in 24 hours (individual) with 120.

69-year-old David Clarkson (UK) who has called Australia home for over 40 years, smashed the previous record of 99 held by Harry Kooros and Jake Loiterton (Australia).

David’s attempt also took place in Sydney, Australia, with him visiting pubs around the area.

The retired accountant originally from Lancashire, who calls himself a Lord, says his life is simply "travel, drinking and spreadsheets".

His past profession helped him plan out his record-breaking route, with him using a mixture of licensing data, pivot tables and Google Maps.

David says he attempted this record due to him having ‘experience’ in the field and because Sydney has so many interesting pubs which would make it a fun experience.

David clarkson most pubs visited in 24 hours

He checked into a hotel just after 3 a.m. and after having a short nap, was up at 7 a.m. to prepare.

His official attempt kicked off on Thursday 11 April at midday with a drink at the Captain Cook Hotel.

David then walked to every one of the 120 pubs.

Each visit had to incorporate a paid transaction for a beverage (non-alcoholic or alcoholic), as well as a minimum of 125 ml of liquid being consumed.

David notes that he consumed 20 litres of liquid in 24 hours! This mostly consisted of soft drinks and juices.

david poses with his friend chelsea both are holding cups of beers

To help him keep track of the pubs he visited, David recruited a select group of friends who acted as witnesses to accompany him at every pub and his logbook was signed by staff at each pub.

Guinness World Records Adjudicator Pete Fairbairn was with him for the first four and final four hours of his attempt.

At one point, David was hurrying our Pete to keep up with him! He marked his 100th pub, the Fix Wine Bar, with a klaxon.

Pete recalls that David wanted everyone to know exactly what he was up to during the attempt, conversing with many pub-goers at each venue.

david with adjudicator pete holding a klaxon

David’s favourite pubs were the speakeasy bars on Clarence Street.

On the following Friday at midday, he visited his final pub the Sussex Garden Bar, less than a kilometre from where he first started.

This is where Pete reviewed the evidence and awarded him the title.

Going to the pub is about, yes having a beer, but also making friends. – David Clarkson

david celebrates world record title with a drink

With the record secured, David no longer had to hold back on the drinks and ordered himself, a well-deserved full pint of a beer.

Congratulations, David! You’ve earned that pint.

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