This new world record for the largest box of chocolates is any chocolate lover’s dream.

With a colossal chocolate-filled box weighing 2,547.50 kg (5,616.27 lbs), the brand Russell Stover (USA) smashed the record.

For comparison, it weighs about the same as an adult black rhinoceros, with the animals typically weighing in between 1,400 and 2,800 kg (3,086 and 6,173 lb).

It measured 9.27 m x 4.69 m x 0.47 m (30.43 ft x 15.41 ft x 1.55 ft) and was unveiled in Kansas City, Missouri, USA on 17 April.

This wonderful creation was filled with nine different mouthwatering chocolate flavors: caramel, coconut cluster, fruit and nut caramel, peanut cluster, pecan delight, raspberry creme, strawberry creme, toffee and truffle, as well as an enormous portion of chocolate covered almonds.


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To reach the minimum weight required to beat the record, Russell Stover used a total of 205 giant chocolate pieces that were crafted at the Russell Stover plants.

Each piece of chocolate was weighed during the official attempt, and while smaller pieces weighed about 4.53 kg (10 lb), some of the biggest ones reached over 16 kg (35 lb).


Additionally, 679.5 kg (1,498 lb) of normal-sized chocolate-covered almonds were included in the dreamy set of chocolates.

A crowd of nearly 300 guests cheered as Andrew Glass, Guinness World Records Official Adjudicator presented the certificate to Russell Stover's CEO.


A team of three food inspectors monitored the entire process to ensure all food safety guidelines were followed.

What not many people know is that in order to qualify for the Guinness World Records title, the box needed to function as a standard box.


The oversized box is based on the brand’s standard 266.48 grams (9.4 oz) box of assorted chocolates, one of their most classic products.

A team of about 20 people was needed to lift the 272 kg top (600 lb) on to and then off the box, to show the Official Adjudicator that it met the required guidelines.

In total it took a team of 20 designers, engineers, and craftsmen, and over 600 hours to design and fabricate the box.


The record was attempted to commemorate Russell Stover’s 100th anniversary.

After the event, the record-breaking box will be displayed at one of Russell Stover’s retail shops.

The chocolate pieces were gifted to employees and those that helped with the event, donated, or raffled to benefit Feed the Children, the company’s charitable partner.

"Preparing, planning, and achieving the title was a great team builder. The activities and tasks associated with the attempt provided many opportunities for Russell Stover employees to work cross-functionally, partnering with co-workers who they may not have the opportunity to work with during their regular daily routine. Teams enthusiastically pulled together to ensure that Russell Stover Chocolates was declared Officially Amazing! Once Russell Stover achieved the world record title, we received an outpouring of support and celebration from the local community to cross-continent contacts which reinforced employee’s pride in our brand." - Tami Parr, Digital Marketing Manager, Russell Stover.


The foyer at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts was the scenario to unveil this sweet creation and present the official Guinness World Records certificate.

Russell Stover is a confectionery company that creates a wide variety of chocolate products. The company's product line includes everything from boxed chocolates and truffles to sugar-free candy and seasonal treats. 


The record to beat was 1,690 kg (3725 lb) and was set by Thorntons and Russell Beck Studios, and weighed in Bethnal Green, London, UK, on 2 April 2008.

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