The Whiskey House Record Attempt Presentation and Bottles

When co-owner of The Whiskey House (USA), Alex Minaev, stumbled upon an article detailing a record-breaking Whiskey feat by a Swedish hotel, he was certain his bar could exceed that number by a landslide. 

January 2019 marked The Whiskey House's fourth anniversary in San Diego, California, so Minaev set out to host a celebration involving an official attempt for the most varieties of whiskey commercially available to test his theory and hopefully surpass the 2018 total of 1,179 set by Hotel Skansen. 

Most varieties of whiskey commercially available The Whiskey Bar

The event took place on 15 January with an adjudicator on-site to count and verify the results – a process which took over 18 hours. 

Once confirmed, the adjudicator announced the results - The Whiskey House set the new record with a total of 2,467 commercially available whiskey varieties! 

Most varieties of whiskey commercially available

The event organisers were then presented with an official record holder certificate, highlighting the details of their success.  

Amongst the whiskey varieties included in the total record count are those from 23 different countries, including Taiwan, Italy, Spain and New Zealand as well as 42 states in the USA, which were featured on display throughout the venue space.

Most varieties of whiskey available

Whiskey prices were wide-ranging with the most expensive glass at $1,100 and the least expensive glass at $7. 

The energy was high throughout the remainder of the event as attendees rejoiced over the remarkable achievement by The Whiskey House.

Attempt results at The Whiskey House

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