Summer Record-Breaking 2020

Summer is officially here, so get ready for a list of brand-new summer themed record titles that can now be attempted online!

That’s right - these record titles can all be attempted digitally so audiences can participate in the record-breaking summer fun from wherever they are in the world. 

And that’s not all… Some of these online titles are platform specific, making it ever-more accessible for audience members to be a part of the record experience.   

From online records involving sunscreen and sandcastles to pool floats, water balloons, and beyond, here are the latest seasonal themed online titles that your brand, business, or organization can be the first to attempt this summer:

Do you want your brand, business, or organization to be the first to attempt one of these summer records? Get started here! 

1. Most people applying sun cream online simultaneously

Dillard's Record Attempt

Like its in-person record counterpart (most people applying sunscreen simultaneously - single & multiple venue), this online version of the title is the perfect way to get audiences into the summer spirit, perhaps while also raising awareness about the importance of sun protection. See what Dillard’s did with their 2019 record campaign to raise awareness for skin cancer. 

2. Most photos of people floating with pool noodles uploaded to Facebook in one hour

Pool noodles

Encourage your audience to help set this official record title by snapping a photo of themselves floating with a pool noodle and uploading to Facebook within a one-hour time frame.  With a current minimum of 500, this title will offer audiences the opportunity to bask in the summer sun while floating their way to record-breaking victory. 

3. Most videos of people blowing bubbles uploaded in one hour on Facebook

Blowing bubbles record

Excite your audience with this bubble blowing record attempt that recognizes the most videos of people blowing bubbles uploaded to Facebook in one-hour.  Video records make for engaging shareable content so your online community can enjoy the record-breaking fun long after the attempt concludes.    

4. Most videos of people underwater uploaded to Instagram in one hour

Record attempt underwater

If Facebook isn’t your preferred digital channel, not to worry – our online record titles can take place on a variety of platforms.  With a current minimum of 250, this title recognizes the most videos of people underwater uploaded to Instagram in one-hour where participants will be sure to cool off from the summer heat while going for this impressive record feat.

5. Most people making s’mores online simultaneously

Record attempt making s'mores

Invite your digital community to come together for the ultimate s’mores making extravaganza.  This record is perfect for individuals of all ages who can join the action from anywhere they are in the world.  After the attempt, participants can savor their tasty summer snack made during the record-breaking experience. 

6. Largest online video chain of a water balloon fight

Water balloon fight record attempt

Engage audiences with this video chain title where each person would submit a video of themselves throwing a water balloon, beginning on one side of the frame, and ending on the other.  All video submissions would then be edited together as the record, to form an epic video chain of a water balloon fight that can be shared with your social following post-attempt. 

7. Most photos of sidewalk chalk art uploaded to Twitter in one hour

Sidewalk chalk record attempt

Encourage your audience to create their own sidewalk chalk art followed by capturing a photo and uploading to Twitter within a one-hour time frame.  Participants will include a designated hashtag when uploading to Twitter to ensure it gets counted toward the record which has a current minimum of 500. 

8. Most photos of sandcastles uploaded to Facebook in one hour

Sandcastle record attempt

Challenge your audience to help in setting this summer fun record title by creating their own sandcastles, followed by uploading a photo of their finished product to Facebook.  After the attempt concludes, audiences will have a blast browsing online through this one-of-a-kind image collection featuring everyone’s sandcastle creation. 

While that sums up our 2020 summer-themed online records roundup, keep in mind our record titles can be customizable to meet your goals so don’t hesitate to get in touch if interested in exploring alternative options.

How is your brand inspiring your audiences? Attempt to break a world record for brand awareness, a product launch, celebration, CSR, fundraising or employee engagement – Find out more here, or contact us for more information.