The VPS Healthcare largest awareness ribbon is rolled out

An enormous pink awareness ribbon measuring more than 4 km long has been created in Abu Dhabi to help take breast cancer awareness month to the next level.

VPS Healthcare, based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital, created the Longest awareness ribbon at 4,103 m (13,461ft 3 in) on al Hudayriat Island on 20 October.

The company also achieved the Most Pairs attaching ribbons to each other simultaneously with 381 pairs.

In line with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the event was organised by VPS Healthcare and Burjeel Medical City, a tertiary care facility specialised in oncology treatment, as part of a joint #HealthIsWealth campaign. 

Longest awareness ribbon

The event gathered a crowd of 2,000 residents and visitors from all the UAE for a day full of fun including fitness activities, food trucks and an interactive Guinness World Records LIVE! stand.

Longest awareness ribbon

At the stand guests were invited to participate in record breaking, attempts challenges such as Fastest time to dress up as a doctor, the Fastest time to complete a game of operation by a team of two and the Fastest time to sort 30 coloured awareness ribbons

The last of those titles saw a new record set with Akshat Kaushik from India achieving a time of 26.98 seconds.


Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, Chairman and Managing Director of VPS Healthcare, commented: “We are thrilled to collaborate with our partners in reinforcing the UAE’s position as a regional and global role model in the healthcare sector.

“With the continued efforts of our partners, we have successfully achieved two Guinness World Records titles, and we are further empowering the Abu Dhabi brand on an international level. With the cooperation of our private-public partnerships, we have connected members of the community to raise awareness for tackling critical healthcare challenges.”


The event was part of a six-month cancer awareness campaign called ‘Health is Wealth UAE’ that aims to highlight some of the dangerous and prevalent types of cancer worldwide and in the United Arab Emirates.

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