Meat producer Primo Foods have achieved a new record for the Largest serving of breakfast rolls. On the 18th January in Queensland, the Australian brand unveiled a single solar rooftop installation at their Wacol factory. 

To mark the occasion, the food distributors cooked up a whopping 2,091 bacon and egg rolls, which weighed in at a hefty 13.65 kg. 

The colossal breakfast was cooked on a BBQ powered by the megawatt solar panel.


The breakfast rolls were enjoyed by both their staff and members of the local community, with the remainders of the breakfast rolls being offered to food banks throughout Queensland.


“We’re thrilled to be celebrating two huge firsts for Australia today; the launch of the country’s largest single solar panel rooftop here at the Primo factory in Wacol, and an official Guinness World Records title for the largest serving of breakfast rolls, complete with our very own delicious shortcut bacon," said Primo Foods Chief Operating Officer Bruce Sabatta. 


"We know Aussies love a good bacon and egg roll for breakfast, and we wanted to do something to celebrate with our staff and the local community.” continued Sabatta.

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With the Wacol site currently using 38,000 MWh per annum it was important to Primo that they promoted sustainability and the quality of their products. Primo partnered with CleanPeak Energy and Todae Solar to power the record official record attempt.


The company began in 1957 as a butcher's shop in Sydney. 

Operated by Hungarian migrant Andrew Lederer, it has grown to become Australia’s largest manufacturer of ham, bacon, salami and deli meats.

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