Egypt pyramids backdrop to record breaking cycle ride

Egypt’s legendary pyramids have been used for a record attempt to help promote healthy living and raise awareness of heart disease.

For Heart Awareness Month, culminating in World Heart Day on 29 September, an attempt of the Largest GPS drawing by bicycle (team) took place at the iconic ancient Egypt landmark.

Philips Egypt decided to draw a digital heart around the country to highlight heart disease, still one of the biggest killers. The resulting record measured 761 km (472.86 miles).

Largest GPS drawing by bicycle Philips Egypt

The record attempt was part of a bigger campaign called Back to Rhythm which aims to raise the public awareness around cardiac health by promoting healthy lifestyle and diet and ultimately increasing the chances of survival of victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

“It was a rigorous challenge, covering different terrains, and tough conditions across all of Egypt, but it was such a humbling ride,” said Galal Zekri, who led the cycling. 

“It is an honour to be able to use my passion to drive such an important message of staying fit and keeping healthy.”


The Back to Rhythm relay challenge was to cycle 761 km across Egypt while digitally tracking their journey using the GPS which managed to create the largest GPS drawing shaping a heart. 

The challenge started at the Great Pyramid of Giza on Tuesday 25 September, finishing three days later.


"The reality remains that the average Egyptian is at risk of the harsh effects of heart disease," added Iyad AlTaiyeb, CEO for Philips North East Africa. 

"As a result of this reality, it is vital that all citizens are empowered to recognise the symptoms, and how to try and save the lives of others in the unfortunate event of a sudden cardiac arrest."

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