New fiery record achieved for eating the most Carolina reaper chilis in a minute

By Kristen Stephenson
Most Carolina reaper chilis eaten in one minute
After trying twice earlier this year, the PuckerButt Pepper Company has found a record holder capable of withstanding the mighty challenge of achieving the title for Most Carolina reaper chilis eaten in one minute
The Carolina reaper name arguably does not do it justice. It’s been verified as the world’s hottest chili since 2013, and rates at an average of 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), according to tests conducted by Winthrop University in South Carolina (USA). 
Last month's Arizona Hot Sauce Expo saw the company who created the intense chili plant finally discover Greg Foster from Irvine California.
Greg, a pepper-enthusiast himself, beat the previous record holder by eating 120 grams of the flaming hot peppers in just 60 seconds. 
Most Carolina reaper chilis eaten in one minute 1
He beat the odds by being the only one of nine total contestants to eat one gram above the previous record older. 
"This is truly an amazing feat," said Smokin' Ed Currie, Founder, President, Mad Scientist & Chef of PuckerButt Pepper Company. "The Carolina Reaper is bred for heat (and taste). Eating even one Carolina Reaper pepper challenges the most daring of Pepperheads."
The Puckerbutt Pepper Company was present at two hot sauce events earlier this year in California and Oregon (USA), hoping to find someone who was capable of eating the large amount of the spicy chili.  
After a long wait, new title holder Greg finally stepped up to show he could handle the heat. We’ll see if anyone steps up to top the seemingly-impossible new standards.