LG Electronics and Guinness World Records are celebrating after their collaboration to launch LG’s Centum System Washing Machine was awarded bronze in the Consumer Goods and Retail category at yesterday’s inaugural UK Brand Film Festival.
Brand Film Festival
The campaign, which aimed to show the new machine has significantly reduced vibrations and noise levels, demonstrated its key message with a powerful visual statement.
Professional card stacker and multiple Guinness World Records title holder Bryan Berg created The Tallest house of cards built in 12 hours - a 3.3m high tower of cards, consisting of 48 levels – on the top of the washing machine, which span throughout the challenge at 1,000 rpm.
The entire Guinness World Records title attempt was filmed and edited to create a gripping story of the tower’s construction.
To date, the campaign has reached more than 100m around the world across multiple platforms including print, online, social media and cinema advertising.

Nadine Causey, SVP EMEA & APAC of Guinness World Records said:
We were thrilled to see this campaign scoop the bronze award. It’s record-breaking at its best, incorporating theatre, exciting content, creativity and a visual spectacle in a way that can be immediately understood by audiences of all countries and cultures. We’re so pleased to have been part of its success and for the campaign to have been recognised by the Brand Film Festival.
The UK Brand Film Festival was a joint initiative by PRWeek and Campaign Magazine.
Find out how to launch a record breaking campaign here: www.guinnessworldrecords.com/set-a-record/