Tallest house of cards built in 12 hours Bryan Berg LG
Last month, professional cardstacker Bryan Berg (USA) teamed up with LG Electronics (South Korea) to promote the brand’s latest product and took on the challenge to create the Tallest house of cards built in 12 hours - on top of their new washing machine, while it was running at 1,000 RPM.
Taking place in Seoul, South Korea, the attempt was a towering success, with the construction measuring 3.3 m tall and comprising an incredible 48 levels.
LG Electronics deemed this challenge to be a perfect – though extremely risky – record attempt to demonstrate that their new Centum System™ machine has significantly reduced vibrations.
Tallest house of cards built in 12 hours Bryan Berg
Guinness World Records adjudicator Victoria Tweedy was on hand to judge the record and ensure that no adhesives or card bending was used.
Following the attempt, she presented LG Electronics representatives and Bryan with official certificates recognising their amazing achievement.
Tallest house of cards built in 12 hours Bryan Berg LG adjudicator
Jo Seong-jin, CEO and president of the LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solutions Company said: “We are thrilled to share this honor with Bryan Berg, and pleased not only to make history but also to highlight our advanced Centum System™ technology.”
Harvard-educated architect Bryan Berg began card stacking at the age of eight and he has since become a multiple record breaker in the field. He built the Tallest house of cards ever in 2007, measuring an awe-inspiring 7.86 m (25 feet 9 7/16 inches).
Tallest house of cards Bryan Berg
In 2010, in China he constructed the Largest playing card structure, measuring 10.39 m (34 ft 1.05 in) long, 2.88 m (9 ft 5.39 in) tall and 3.54 m (11 ft 7.37 in) wide. It was a replica of The Venetian® Macao, The Plaza™ Macao and Sands Macao.