Mia Hamm accepts one of three record certificates she helped LeapFrog earn

It's one thing to organize a single mass participation world record attempt, what with the logistics and planning necessary to get hundreds of people doing the same thing at once.

It's an entirely different animal to try and make it happen three times in one day.

But that's exactly what LeapFrog Enterprises, which dubs itself "the leader in educational entertainment," pulled off on Sept. 6, hosting the first-ever Fit Made Fun Day event at Santa Monica Beach in California.

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With soccer legend Mia Hamm and more than 300 children and families in attendance, LeapFrog led the charge in breaking records for the most people making sand angels (292), the most people hopping on one leg (321), and the most people doing the swim dance (318).

"I was thrilled to be a part of this exciting and motivating event with kids and families, and it was truly inspiring to see them working together to make history," Hamm, official LeapBand spokesperson, said. “Taking part in the very first Fit Made Fun Day was a proud moment for me as a mom, as I believe in the importance of active play in my kids’ daily lives, as well as focusing on health and wellness."

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In celebration of the launch of the new LeapBand activity tracker for kids, Fit Made Fun Day encouraged families to get up and active in creative ways while having fun together. The LeapBand comes on an adjustable wrist strap designed for children, and includes 50 physical challenges with gamification of physical activity, making the trio of physical records a perfect launching pad for the device.

LeapFrog also invited families nationwide to host their own Fit Made Fun Day, and share images and videos across media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But the hub event centered around the three records, which were verified live on site by a Guinness World Records adjudicator, with Hamm leading the way to three official GWR certificates.

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The event garnered coverage from MarketWatch and the Los Angeles Register after the attempts, and even landed Hamm a sit-down interview with Access Hollywood ahead of the event to promote it.

"Fit Made Fun Day was a great success, and it underlined the importance of regularly getting kids active in fun and creative ways," said Greg Ahearn, chief marketing officer at LeapFrog. "As parents, it is our responsibility to help our children get active on a daily basis and learn healthy habits that create a foundation of health and future success."

Has LeapFrog's attempt inspired you to launch a product or service of your own with a record attempt? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your organization's details.