Sri Lankan mothers grabbed the soap, and their place in the record books, as they successfully broke the Guinness World Records title for the most participants in a hand washing relay.


The record attempt, which took place back in October, marked Global Hand Washing Day.


Recognising the vital role mother’s play in inculcating better hygiene habits in their children, Sri Lanka’s leading health soap brand, Lifebuoy, teamed up with the mothers to help raise awareness of the importance of good hygiene habits in children.


Each year 1.7 million children around the world fail to reach their fifth birthday due to diseases such as diarrhoea and pneumonia, which are the leading causes of deaths among children under five.  Many of these deaths are easily preventable through the simple act of hand washing with soap.


Research shows that hand washing with soap at critical times, including before eating or preparing food and after using the toilet, can reduce the risk of diarrhoeal disease by up to 45%.


Committed to changing the hygiene behaviour of one billion consumers across Asia, Africa and Latin America, by promoting the benefits of hand washing with soap at key times, Lifebuoy has pledged to reach eight million people in Sri Lanka with their message. 

Speaking about Lifebuoy’s commitment to inculcate improved hygiene habits in Sri Lanka, Country Marketing Director Siddharth Banerjee said:

“At the heart of the Lifebuoy brand is a desire to improve the health and well-being of our consumers. We are proud and privileged to announce our successful Guinness World Record title for the most participants in a hand washing relay. This record is symbolic of Lifebuoy’s longstanding social mission, and of Unilever Sri Lanka’s renewed commitment towards this cause.”


“We brought together mothers of the Eladuwa Estate in Donagoda, Mathugama, to successfully break the Guinness World Record title for the most participants in a hand washing relay in a single location, which was formerly held in China. The record attempt took more than five hours, and we were thrilled to have Guinness World Record official adjudicator Jack Brockbank with us to approve this record achievement,”said Lifebuoy Brand Manager Salika Alahakoon.