Australian actor Hugh Jackman has received a Guinness World Records certificate to commemorate his career as Marvel X-Men’s Wolverine. 

The Greatest Showman actor was awarded the certificate for his record of the longest career as a live action Marvel superhero in a surprise presentation on ITV’s This Morning by Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records. 

Hugh Jackman Wolverine

Jackman holds the record with fellow X-Men star and Star Trek legend Sir Patrick Stewart (UK); both have had careers spanning 16 years 228 days as Wolverine and Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X) respectively.

Both actors made their first appearance as Marvel superheroes in X-Men (2000), with their most recent appearance was in Logan (2017). 

Patrick Stewart

Logan was the third and final Wolverine solo film, following X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Wolverine (2013). 

However, record-breaking was on Jackman’s mind long before he set his sights on Hollywood. 

"When I was a kid, the Guinness Book of Records was it," Jackman said. 

The record Jackman set his sights on as a 10-year-old was the most coins snatched off the elbow, but both he and his brother realised this record was a little tricky. 

Next, they wanted to attempt the longest marathon playing badminton, singles

Hugh Jackman certificate

"My brother and I thought - badminton, you don't have to play it hard, two nights without sleep - we can definitely do that!" 

However, this record wasn't to be, either!

It was third time lucky - and a complete surprise, when Craig Glenday awarded him his certificate and told Jackman he would be featuring in Guinness World Records 2020.

"That's it, I've made it! This is why I got into showbiz, thank you."

Craig Glenday on presenting Hugh Jackman with his certificate

It was an honour to be able to finally hand over a certificate to Hugh and welcome him personally into the Guinness World Records family.

It's always a pleasure meeting record holders. For me, it's the highlight of the job, because record holders are, by definition, the most interesting and amazing people on the planet. To be able to spend even a short amount of time in their company is an honour.

Meeting world-famous record-breaking A-listers like Hugh Jackman is even more of an amazing experience, as you get a tiny insight into their celebrity world. But Hugh was very down-to-Earth. He's definitely got that star presence – it's hard to define, but when he first entered the room, you could feel a change in the air.

Hugh Jackman presented with certificate

This Morning's Alison Hammond screaming with joy and giving him a huge hug was also a bit of a giveaway that someone special was in the room! When I did make my surprise entrance, you could see that Hugh was genuinely thrilled to hear the news and receive the certificate.

He was also extremely charming and, after the filming, he was more than happy to pose for photos and chat about his love of GWR. I'd read a few years ago that he and his brother were big fans of the book when growing up, so I knew he'd be excited to find out that he'll be appearing in the 2020 edition.

I've met hundreds of record holders over my 16 years at GWR, and each time I get a kick out of being able to celebrate their achievements. So congratulations again, Hugh, and don't forget that you – and your brother – are welcome to pop into the office any time you want to try for another record.

PS: the badminton marathon record is a "mere" 25 hours.... just saying...

What a great way to kick of his all sing, all dancing, round-the-world tour of The Man. The Music. The Show.