split image of Kimycola burping in public

Kimberly Winter aka “Kimycola” has the world’s loudest burp (female) ever recorded, measuring 107.3 decibels.

That’s louder than a vacuum cleaner (70 dB), a lawnmower (90 dB), and even some motorcycles at full throttle (100-110 dB).

When she broke the record last year, Kimberly revealed that she enjoys seeing the shocked faces of strangers when she surprises them with her burps: “That is just magic to me,” she said.

In fact, she’s even been kicked out of a bar in the past for burping too loudly in front of others.

However, up until now, Kimberly’s burps had only been witnessed in person by American audiences, so she decided to fly across the Atlantic to bless Britain with her bellowing belches.

While touring London’s most popular sights, Kimberly took the chance to exhibit her burping prowess to unsuspecting members of the public, including teenagers, tourists, the elderly, and even a King’s Guard soldier.

Before unleashing her burp, Kimberly asked them to guess her record-breaking talent; replies included sports, maths, vomiting, and urination.

Kimberly’s boisterous burps elicited a range of reactions – many laughed and clapped, two girls ran away, and one lady named Barbara found it slightly unsettling: “I hope you’re proud of it,” she said.

Speaking about her experience in London, Kimberly said: “I love it so far. It’s so beautiful. The people are so nice and friendly, and I love to show off my record. I love it. 

“Seeing the King’s Guard on the horse, I wanted to do that so bad and I’m so glad I got to burp on the King’s Guard.”

Kimberly Winter burping in front of elderly woman

As well as burping in public, Kimberly also loves doing it online. She enjoys entertaining her fans on TikTok and YouTube, where she often livestreams and performs burp-related requests such as “closed-mouth burps” and burping people’s names.

Explaining her burping technique, Kimberly said she takes a deep breath in and tries to “manipulate that into something monstrous and magical”.

Consuming beer, soda and spicy food helps her burp more loudly.

When setting the record, Kimberly was required to burp in a ‘dead room’ with no reflected sound, such as a sound-recording studio. Thus, she attempted the record on a live radio show, Elliot in the Morning.

She was also required to stand a minimum of 2.5 metres (8.2 ft) away from the microphone.

Her incredible 107.3-dB belch narrowly broke the previous female record of 107 dB, set in 2009 by Italy’s Elisa Cagnoni.

The overall record is held by Neville Sharp from Australia, who did a 112.7-dB burp in 2021.

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