split image of Kimberly winter burping

Kimberly “Kimycola” Winter from Maryland, USA, has broken the record for the world’s loudest burp (female).

Her bellowing belch was 107.3 decibels loud, surpassing the previous record of 107 dB, achieved by Elisa Cagnoni (Italy) in 2009. The male record is held by Neville Sharp (Australia), who did a 112.7 dB burp in 2021.

Kimberly’s record-breaking burp is louder than a blender (70-80 dB), an electric handheld drill (90-95 dB), and even some motorcycles at full throttle (100-110 dB).

To achieve the record, she was required to burp in a ‘dead room’ - like the ones used in sound-recording studios - in order to eliminate reflected sound, so she visited the studios of iHeartRadio station, where she burped live on-air on Elliot in the Morning.

Standing the required distance away from the microphone (2.5 metres; 8 ft 2 in), Kimberly unleashed an astonishingly loud burp, narrowly breaking the record which had stood for 14 years.

Just before performing her historic burp, she primed her body by eating breakfast and drinking coffee and beer. Kimberly settled on this combination following weeks of experimentation in which she determined which foods and drinks would allow her to burp the loudest.

Kimberly performing her world record burp

When trying to burp loudly, Kimberly says she takes a deep breath in and then tries to “manipulate that into something monstrous and magical.”

Spicy foods, soda and alcohol are all things that help Kimberly burp loudly, however, she can equally do it with just “a little bit of water”.

“Sometimes the burping just comes out of nowhere,” she explained.

Kimberly has possessed this extraordinary talent ever since she was a young child, and as she grew older, she only got louder and louder.

She enjoys surprising strangers with her burps to see their shocked reactions. “That is just magic to me,” she said. “I love to see their face.”

Kim burping in front of strangers

Kimberly eventually came to the realization that she was probably one of the world’s loudest burpers when she got kicked out of a bar for burping too loudly!

Although her burps may not always be appreciated in public places, they are adored on the internet. Kimberly has developed a devoted following of burp lovers on TikTok and YouTube, who encouraged her to break the record.

She hugely enjoys entertaining her fans, especially when she goes on TikTok Live to fulfil their burp-related requests, which can include doing “closed-mouth burps”, “big monster burps”, and burping people’s names.

Kimberly says her parents also enjoy her brilliant burps, despite imploring her to do them more quietly when she was younger. And it seems that big burps run in the family, as Kimberly’s younger sister is also a remarkably loud burper.

Kim burping while opening fridge

According to Kimberly, the longest burp she ever did was around nine seconds, which is indeed very long, although it’s still quite far off the world’s longest burp, which clocked in at 1 min 13 sec (achieved by Michele Forgione (Italy) in 2009).

“I’m not going for longest though, I’m going for loudest,” Kimberly said.

“I love to be loud and proud!”

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