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Two concert enthusiasts from Kensington, Maryland, USA, have broken a record which has made them gig-going legends!

Married couple Tijan and Matthew Brown love music, dancing, and their newfound record title for the most concerts attended in one year (team of two).

From symphonies and old legends to new acts and rock’s biggest megastars, Tijan and Matthew attended a total of 135 concerts in 2023 alone.


The couple, who tied the knot 13 years ago, wanted to accomplish a record title together.

“Attending each concert is a unique and thrilling adventure,” said Tijan. 

By attending concerts, we get to be a participant in a beautiful symphony of diverse sounds, surrounded by people having the time of their lives.

Matthew said they wanted to make up for lost time after the music industry went on hiatus for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The idea to apply for a Guinness World Records title hit them during their 20th concert. 

“As we were soaking in the music, energy, and the joy of being in the audience again, a thought struck us,” said Matthew. 

“Could this be a world record? The idea was exhilarating!”

Throughout their year of concert-going, the duo spent $18,407.24 on tickets to all 135 concerts. 

This averages out to a cost of $68.17 per ticket. 

Matthew says while it may seem like a significant amount, he and Tijan believe the experiences they’ve had and the memories they’ve made are truly priceless. 

“Money comes and goes, but the joy, excitement, and connection we’ve felt at these concerts will stay with us for a lifetime,” he said. 

“These experiences have enriched our lives in ways that money can’t measure, so in our view, every penny spent was well worth it!”


Matthew and Tijan had the opportunity to see many different artists live — from modern artists like Beyonce and Lizzo to classics like Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks.

But it was the concerts by Pitbull and Sam Smith which proved to be particularly memorable. 

“The energy was electric, the crowd was in sync, and the performances were nothing short of magical,” said Tijan. 

We didn’t stop dancing and singing during the entire performance.

Matthew says preparation is key when attending so many concerts. 

He and Tijan begin listening to the latest album releases and brushing up on the band’s hits weeks before a show. 

On the day of the concert, they check for tickets and make sure they have ear protection to safeguard their hearing during the loud performance. 

Then they strap on their comfortable shoes because there is usually a lot of dancing involved.

They always arrive before the opening act to have some time to find a good spot and connect with the venue manager who would kindly sign off on their paperwork. 

“This early arrival has also allowed us to foster relationships with the managers and their staff - the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that we fans have an enjoyable experience,” said Matthew. 

“The relationships we have built are one of the unexpected perks of the entire experience.” 

Once the concert begins, Matthew and Tijan put their phones away and fully immerse themselves in the music. 


They dance to the rhythm, cheer on the performers, and live in the moment. 

After the concert, they head home for a good night’s rest.

“This is crucial because, as you can imagine, attending so many concerts can be quite exhausting,” said Tijan. 

“But it’s a small price to pay for the joy and fulfillment we get from our concert-going adventures.”

The duo agrees that the best part about attending concerts is the shared experience of enjoying the music they love with each other. 

“As a couple who are not just spouses but also best friends, these concerts are more than just events - they are special moments that we cherish,” said Matthew. 

Sharing joyous moments together in celebration over our shared love of music brings us closer together as a couple.

Matthew says attending concerts together allowed the couple to experience the magic of live music as a team and to create unforgettable memories. 

“We danced, sang, and cheered together, creating unforgettable moments that strengthened our bond,” he said. 

“It was a beautiful reminder of why we fell in love in the first place.”


People are amazed when they hear of Matthew and Tijan’s Guinness World Records title and say the pair has seen more concerts in a year than they have in their entire life. 

Their friends and family were initially in disbelief upon hearing of the record title, but that quickly turned into awe and amazement. 

“Our parents, who know us well, weren’t surprised at all,” said Tijan. 

“They always believed that if there was any couple who could pull this off, it would be us!”

The couple is excited about this year’s concert lineup and has already purchased their tickets to see Journey, Andrea Bocelli, Green Day, Paula Abdul, and Aerosmith. 

They are also eagerly awaiting the summer season announcements from their favourite outdoor venues and are looking forward to attending the concerts and dancing under the stars. 

Matthew and Tijan say that embarking on this journey was about more than just setting a Guinness World Records title. 

It was about the love of music, getting out of the house and away from their screens, and the joy of shared experiences.


“It has been about living life with the one you love the most, creating memories, and accomplishing amazing things together,” said Matthew. 

The shared memories that we created will be cherished long after the curtain closes, and the band has left the stage.

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