More than 1,300 women from 18 to 92 years old have assembled to help break the record for the largest gathering of people dressed as brides


Sedka Novias, a bridal fashion store in Petrer, Spain, organised the attempt on 29 June which saw 1,347 women from across Spain take part. The queues to enter the venue were so long that sadly some of the brides were left out! 

There were a variation of participants from single to married and even divorced women, who were all dressed head to toe in white. 


Teresa Berna, aged 92 from Petrer, Spain was ecstatic to take part in the record as she was able to wear a white bridal dress for the first time because when she married in 1951. Teresa declared she was “very excited" to wear white because at her wedding 68 years ago she “had no money" and had to marry wearing black. 


The owners, Milan Zhivkov and Maria Salud Serrano, organised the event to celebrate the opening of their new store and were overjoyed with the record. As soon as they saw that they surpassed the previous record by a Chinese shopping centre, "they began to cry with emotion". 


All the attendees will receive a Flyer of Attendance which certifies their participation in the record attempt – what a nice way to remember such an engaging event!

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