Peter smiling with 68 matches in his nostrils

By stuffing 68 matchsticks up his nostrils, 39-year-old Peter von Tangen Buskov from Denmark has set a world record for the most matches held in the nose.

Peter is the first person to hold this record; he was required to achieve a minimum of 45 to earn it.

“Surprisingly it didn’t really hurt,” he said.

“I have fairly large nostrils and quite stretchy skin. I’m sure that helped a lot.”

Peter’s record attempt can be seen below in the latest episode of our YouTube series Records Weekly.

Peter, who works in business administration and plans to soon resume teaching social science at a secondary school, came up with the idea to attempt this challenge after thinking of different “fun records” he could possibly achieve.  

He admits the idea was “a bit random” as he’s never previously had the urge to insert objects into his nose, even when he was a child.

Peter says his nostrils were at maximum capacity with 68 matches, but he doesn’t rule out the possibility of extending his record in the future: “For me, an increase in capacity would require some training, or perhaps my nose will grow as I get older.”

Having grown up reading Guinness World Records books, Peter is delighted to have set a world record of his own.

“I never thought I would get a record myself,” he said.

Peter with matches in his nose with thumbs up

“I always try to look for the interesting and peculiar aspects of life. There are so many amazing things to experience, see or do, if we just stay open for it.

“I hope that this odd little record can remind people not to forget to play a little – and maybe inspire others to set a record themselves.”

Peter is now considering attempting another type of record which, just like his current one, involves stuffing things into a facial orifice: speed eating.

However, if he’s to be successful, he admits he’ll need some more practise: “My son and I tried a couple of them but none of us were anywhere near record times…yet.”

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