split image of macie davis southerland holding gwr certificate and stretching out longest arm hair

A Tracy, California, USA, woman has a record title that has grown on her - literally. 

Measuring a whopping 18.40 cm (7.24 in) long, Macie Davis-Southerland has the longest arm hair (female).


Macie didn’t realize she had an oddly long arm hair until her junior year in high school in 2012 and is unsure as to when it began growing.

“I was at Disneyland with my best friend Kaylee’s family when her brother pointed out a hair on my arm,” said Macie. 

He was telling me that I had an extremely long hair, and his original thought was to pull it!

Macie refused, telling her friends that she was going to let it grow out so she could someday hold the Guinness World Record title for it.

When Macie realized her arm hair was longer than the average 1 cm (0.39 in) long hair, she knew she had a chance.

“None of my other arm hairs come even close to being as long,” she said. 

“They’re all a normal length for an arm hair.”


Throughout the years, there were multiple times Macie’s arm hair had grown past 15 cm (5.90 in), but it would either accidentally be pulled or fall out. 

For many years, Macie kept her long arm hair to herself. 

She chose not to tell too many people because she wanted to follow through with her goal before making a big deal of it. 

Macie says she has received different reactions to her arm hair. 

“My family and friends closest to me think it’s the most amazing and hilarious thing,” she said. 

My grandma Betty can’t stop laughing when we talk about it, and it makes me smile knowing that she gets a kick out of it.

Macie says when it comes to telling people she doesn’t know very well, they look at her a little more indifferent.

However, it doesn’t bother her because she is passionate about having an opportunity to be different and to hold a record title. 

Macie also frequently gets asked if she plans on letting her arm hair continue to grow. 


“I of course plan on letting the hair grow for as long as it can,” she said. 

“I want to see just how long the arm hair will get before stopping.” 

In fact, Macie says each time the arm hair regrows, it seems to get longer and longer.

When she first broke the record, Macie was worried that her arm hair would fall out during the application process.

“I prematurely decided to go to my physician to have her measure the arm hair and gathered the evidence I could before potentially losing the arm hair and not having anything to submit once my application was approved,” she said. 

“When I went to my primary care doctor, she measured the hair with a paper ruler and the measurement she got was 14.2 cm (5.59 in).” 


Although this length qualified Macie for the record, she wasn’t happy with the measurement because she knew it could grow to around 15 cm (5.90 in). 

“I decided to try to gather evidence again a month later through my dental office because I knew that was acceptable,” she said. 

It was measured at 15.8 cm (6.22 in) this time, but the process felt rushed, and I couldn’t get all the evidence I needed. 

After finally having her record approved, Macie realized she needed to gather more information than she had originally submitted. 

Her friend Brandon began calling around and found a doctor who was willing to help her measure her arm hair. 

“Not once did the doctor make me feel weird about what I was asking,” said Macie. 

“I was so fortunate that everything was done correctly.”

In the future, Macie hopes to eventually beat her own record and would like to hold a record title for the overall longest arm hair in both the male and female categories. 


“When it comes to other world records, I think it would be fun to try beating a record that involves some sort of skill or strategy,” said Macie. 

But for right now I’m happy holding just this one title.

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